Conductix-Wampfler and R3 Solutions Enter Next Phase of Partnership

R3 Solutions will develop a WiFi 6 product exclusively for Conductix-Wampfler

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Weil am Rhein | Berlin, June 2023 – Conductix-Wampfler, a global leader in energy and data transmission systems for mobile machinery, and R3 Solutions, a pioneering technology company specializing in the development of cutting-edge wireless connectivity and data transmission solutions, are pleased to announce the signing of a new contract, signifying the beginning of an exciting new phase in their partnership.

As part of this agreement, R3 Solutions will develop a WiFi 6 product exclusively for Conductix-Wampfler. Scheduled for release in early 2024 this wireless data transmission device will empower Conductix-Wampfler to enhance its capabilities and system solution offering in the field of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity.
Conductix-Wampfler, leveraging its expertise in energy and data transmission, aims to revolutionize the way autonomous robots are powered and reliable connected with each other and the subordinate control system with the seamless integration of this technology.

The collaboration with R3 Solutions enables Conductix-Wampfler to expand its competencies in wireless data transmission solutions. By leveraging the expertise and support from R3 Solutions, Conductix-Wampfler solidifies its position as an industry leader, driving innovation in the field of power supply and management combined with wireless connectivity and data transmission. In return, R3 benefits from Conductix-Wampfler's global sales network. “It’s a win for both sides” says Marcus Baumbach, Managing Partner of Peppermint, an owner-operated group of companies to which R3 belongs since 2021.

"We are excited to enter this next phase of our partnership with R3 Solutions," said Manuel Zak, Chief Marketing and Portfolio Officer at Conductix-Wampfler. " Together, we are developing a wireless data transmission solution that will provide enhanced capabilities and will reshape the connectivity of AMRs and AGVs."

This strategic partnership between Conductix-Wampfler and R3 Solutions demonstrates a shared commitment to driving innovation in the field of industrial wireless data transmission solutions. Both companies are dedicated to pushing boundaries, developing cutting-edge technology, and delivering industry-leading products that address the evolving needs of the intralogistics market.