Conductor Bar Systems

Conductix-Wampfler Conductor Bar Systems for crane electrification and other mobile equipment.

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Conductor bar is a safe and economical method to provide electric power to mobile equipment. We were the first to offer "8-bar" insulated conductor bar for crane electrification in the US back in 1952.
Now you can choose from six unique systems for virtually any need from 100 to 1500 amperes and more.  We've manufactured the brands you have trusted for the past 60 years:  Insul-8, Wampfler, and Saf-T-Bar - now part of the Conductix-Wampfler conductor bar family.

Safe-Lec 2 Conductor Bar

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SAFE-LEC 2 ®  V-Contact Conductor Bar System - the new standard in overhead crane electrification.  SL 2 is ideal for monorail and material handling system electrification as well.

Safe-Lec 2 provides these great benefits:

  • Positive Tracking - "V-contact" in the bar guides the shoe and provides continuous conductivity.  Collector arms articulate in a wide range of motion to help keep the collector shoe in contact with the rail.
  • Safe Insulation -  Conductor bar is insulated for IP2 "finger-safe" operation.
  • Bolted Splice - a postive connection that cannot pull apart over time.
  • Minimum Number of Unique Parts - same cover profile fits all bar styles!
  • Easy System Configuration - using our advanced "Quick Quote" software.

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Safe-Lec 2 is easy to install

  • Multiple-Pole Hangers - holds 3 or 4 bars and install with a single bolt
  • Fewer splice joints - 14.75 foot (4.5 Meter) bar length versus the usual 10 foot.
  • Splice Joints are Pre-bolted to bar ends.
  • Fewer Expansion Joints - up to 492 foot (50 meter) runs without an expansion joint!
  • Snag-proof Collector Cables - cables are integrated within the collector arm
  • Slotted hanger supports - to acccommodate system alignment variations

Curved Systems: 

60" minimum radius; factory curved

Current Capacity Range:

100 amps, 125 amps, 200 amps, 160 amps, 250 amps, 315 amps, and 400 amps capacities (600 volts max.)
Maximum Speed:

1,200 feet per minute (365.8 meters/minute)


  • Heater wire systems
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Green bonding (ground) conductor covers and black "UV resistant" outdoor covers


Hevi-Bar II Conductor Bar

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The Conductix-Wampfler Hevi-Bar II Conductor Bar System delivers the kind of reliable, high-capacity crane rail electric service needed by factories, mills, storage yards, people movers, and other rigorous applications.

Hevi-Bar II features:

  • Effective Heat Dissipation - uses surface area rather than mass to dissipate heat generated by high current conditions
  • Mounting versatility - can be mounted with the bars next to one another (horizontal) or one above the other (vertical)
  • A choice of Insulating Covers - standard orange PVC, green PVC for the bonding (ground) conductor bar (500 amp only), black UV-resistant PVC for outdoor use, and medium or high heat versions to withstand higher ambient temperatures
  • Ease of Installation - a limited number of modular components
  • Low Maintenance and Long Life - this is truly an "install it once and forget about it" conductor bar system
  • Easy System Configuration - using our advanced "Quick Quote" software!

Product data

Current Capacity Range:

500 amps, 700 amps, 1000 amps, and 1500 amps, at 600 volts.
Maximum Running Speed:

2,000 feet/minute (609.6 meters/minute)


  • Heater wire systems (500 amp only)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Green bonding (ground) conductor covers, black "UV resistant" outdoor covers, and high-heat covers
  • Curved systems - Contact the Factory

DURA-COAT - For Corrosive Environments

Hevi-Bar II is available with our optional DURA-COAT finish. Dura-Coat is a specially formulated coating that combines a ceramic compound with an epoxy binder to provide superior corrosion resistance and adhesion to the base materials. The entire bar is coated except in the stainless steel collector shoe running area; the insulating cover is applied over the coating.

All metal parts of the collector arm are coated. Arms are not coated as they are made from high-strength glass filled polymer.

DURA-COAT is an ideal conductor bar for galvanizing and electro-plating lines, chemical plants, smelters, foundries and cast houses, coke and ore handling cranes, and oxidizing/electro-winning facilities.


Insul 8 8-Bar Conductor Bar

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60 years ago Conductix-Wampfler, under the name Rucker Insul 8®  Corporation, was the first to develop the original "8-Bar" electric conductor bar. This innovative design greatly improved the safety of overhead crane electrification. Since then, hundreds of miles of 8-Bar systems have been installed and are in use all over the world. It is truly the industry standard!

Conductix-Wampfler Insul 8®  8-Bar Systems are:

  • UL listed and CSA Approved
  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Complete with a Wide Selection of Special Options - curved bar, corrosion resistant systems, pick-up guides, and a wide variety of brackets.
  • Special Applications Experience - over 60 years of field use
  • Easy System Configuration - using our advanced "Quick Quote" software!

Product data

Current Capacity Range

40 amp, 90 amp, 110 amp, 250 amp, 350 amp, and 500 amp capacities at 600 volts max.
Maximum Running Speed:  

900 feet/minute (274.3 meters/minute)


  • Standard (160°F), Medium-Heat (250° F), and High-Heat (400°F) Covers
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Green Ground Conductor Covers
  • Black "UV resistant" Covers; Curved Systems to 18" Radius (Standard Covers).


Side-Contact Conductor Bar

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Conductix-Wampfler Side Contact Conductor Bar is a variation of the 8-Bar system designed for lateral (side) entry of the collector. UL / CSA listed. Side Contact is ideal when there is insufficient room for standard "bottom entry" mounting and/orconductors must be more closely spaced than standard 8-Bar allows.

Side-Contact Conductor Bars:

  • Come with cover and connector pins installed. Copper and Laminate Bars also come with Joint Keepers.
  • Have expansion sections that are required for every 350 feet (106.7m) for 40, 90, and 110 amp systems, or 250 feet (76.2m) for 250 or 350 amps to compensate for thermal expansion.
  • Are easy to configure using our advanced "Quick Quote"software!

Product data

Current Capacity Range: 

40 amps, 90 amps, 110 amps, 250 amps, and 350 amps

Maximum Running Speed: 

900 feet/minute  (274.3 meters/minute)

Factory installed covers are available in:

  • Rigid PVC: -10° F to 160° F (- 23.30° C to 71.10° C)
  • Medium Heat: - 25° F To 250° F (- 31.70° C to 121.10° C)


Tower Buss Conductor Bar - For Wind Turbines

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Handling and installing power cables in wind turbine towers is difficult and costly. The solution is Tower BussTM by Conductix-Wampfler.

Conductix-Wampfler has applied its extensive knowledge and experience in rigid conductor design to develop the Tower Buss modular conductor bar system. It can be pre-assembled into the tower before it is erected - completely eliminates the hassle of installing main cables after erection.

Product data

Tower Buss has these great features:

High-strength, conductor-grade aluminum:

  • Wide range of ampacities
  • More cost effective than copper cable
  • Requires few supports
  • Flexes with tower deflection

CPVC or polycarbonate insulating jacket:

  • Tough and durable
  • UL recognized materials

Polycarbonate snap-in supports:

  • High mechanical and dielectric strength
  • Provides quick installation of buss bars

Modular sections:

  • Can be pre-installed into tower sections while they are still on the ground
  • Can be installed in controlled factory conditions versus in the field
  • Lower installation costs versus cable
  • Eliminates the hazard of accidentally dropping cables during installation

Tower Buss has been successfully installed and tested in numerous wind tower systems!

Contact Conductix-Wampfler for more information about our innovative Tower Buss solution!