Inductive Power Transfer IPT®-Charge

IPT®Charge is an inductive coupling system which provides automated, that is fully intervention free, and efficient battery charging for all kinds of vehicles, for industrial trucks and most other similar vehicles.

Optimized Charging

The charging process is optimized by a constant interaction between the onboard battery management system and the track supply. The track supply only provides the instantaneously required power.

In contrast to conventional charging systems – conductive and “plugged” inductive systems - IPT®Charge does not use any plugs or paddles and is fully intervention free.

Positioning the vehicle roughly over the primary coil is the only requirement. Primary coils can be embedded in the ground and are unobtrusive. Charging can be fully automated.

IPT®Charge can even be implemented in public areas. This means there would be no need to go to a designated area for charging.

Safety Aspects

Conductix-Wampfler´s IPT®Charge system is intrinsically safe. IPT®Charge has been tested and certified by competent, independent institutions. The results demonstrate that the magnetic field values do not exceed the current limits recommended by the safety standard committee for safe human exposure.

The geometry of the Conductix-Wampfler IPT®Charge system enables the primary coil and pickup to contain the magnetic field mostly in the air gap between them.

When the vehicle is off the charging position, the track supply de-energizes the primary coil.

Operating Principle

Each IPT®Charge system consists of two parts, primary and secondary, which are magnetically coupled, similar to a conventional transformer. The primary or stationary side consists of a track supply and one or more primary coils. The secondary, or vehicle side, consists of one or more pickups and rectifiers, installed onboard a vehicle. Unlike a conventional transformer, where primary and secondary are mechanically coupled, IPT®Charge is a loosely coupled system operational with an air-gap.

Inductive Power Transfer "Charge" - System layout
Opportunity Charging

IPT®Charge is a unique system which enables vehicles to operate fully on the principle of opportunity charging.

Opportunity charging extends the range of an electric vehicle.

A minimal onboard energy storage, enough to reach the next charging station, becomes practically sufficient to operate a vehicle optimally.

This offers various practical scenarios:

  • Onboard energy storage is reduced to a minimum to gain a higher payload and/or space. Short but frequent re-charging is required.
  • Even if charging opportunities are less frequent and only possible at large intervals, onboard energy storage capacity can be reduced significantly compared with just overnight charging. This results in a significant reduction of weight and increases vehicle efficiency.
  • No worries about cables and plugs to handle
  • Safe and reliable operation even in areas with public access
  • Insensitive to dirt and dust
  • Protected from vandalism

IPT®-Charge | Industry Charge

Additional information

For charging in industrial facilities

  • Charge Pads for on floor or embedded installation
  • For all kinds of industrial trucks, i.e. AGV´s in the industry, in-ground infrastructure, etc.

Where can opportunity charging take place?

  • at charging points while waiting for the next job
  • at charging points during breaks
  • at charging points while in aisle
  • on transfer sections

IPT®-Charge | Power Charge

Additional information

For charging on a higher power level, requiring specific infrastructure

Power Charge

  • Embedded Charge Pads
  • For buses, transfer cars, two trucks, ...

Where can opportunity charging take place?

  • At charging points
  • during production process
  • while waiting for the next job