RTG/RMG Container Crane

RTG & RMG Container Krane bewegen Container in einem Container Block

To reduce loading and unloading times of large container vessels the container storage area (container yard) needs to be managed in the best possible and most efficient way. Depending on the degree of automation in modern container terminals this can be managed by two types of container management cranes: Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTG) or Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMG).

Although the task for both types of cranes is very similar – to manage input and output of containers into a container block or stack – the functionality and technical requirements for these types of machines are significantly different.

RTG cranes are operated by onboard drivers. The main function is to load containers from trucks or terminal tractors to the container block and vice versa. Typically RTG’s span 5-8 containers in width and 3-5 in height. Standard RTG cranes are equipped with diesel engines to provide power for travel and lifting. Energy and data transmission to the RTG trolley is provided by festoon systems or energy guiding chains.

RMG cranes are fully electrified cranes. Main power supply and data transmission is managed by dedicated and highly dynamic motor driven cable reels. RMG cranes are typically wider and higher than RTG cranes. Due to automated functionalities and additional onboard monitoring equipment the requirement for data communication on a RMG crane is much higher. Energy and data transmission to the RMG trolley is managed by highly durable Energy Guiding Chain systems. Fully automated RMG cranes are known as Automated Stacking Cranes – ASC

Conductix-Wampfler has decades of experience and know-how in the container handling industry. We offer reliable, practical, and customized solutions for the electrification of cranes and other port machinery. Our customers’ global activities are supported with our turnkey systems and strong after-sales service from our worldwide sales and engineering network.

We offer:

Motor Driven Cable Reels – customized, with magnetic or variable frequency drives to manage high dynamic long travel main power supply and data communication. Continuous energy and data transmission is guaranteed by special medium voltage and control slip ring assemblies as well as rotary fiber optic transmitters.

Cable Festoon Systems – durable and reliable; motorized or non-motorized to manage trolley-travel power and data cables on container cranes.

Energy Guiding Chains – durable and efficient management of power, control and data cables for crane trolley-travel.

Conductor Rail Systems – conductor rails provide power and control for crane long-travel in combination with dedicated data transfer systems.

Cable Protection Systems – Trenchguard and CoverZip systems cover and protect cables in trenches along the RMG crane rail.

Energy supply for the hoisting gear of 4 automated stacker cranes (ASC)

Energy supply for the hoisting gear of 4 automated stacker cranes (ASC)


P&O Antwerpen (Belgium)


Gottwald Port Technology , Düsseldorf


Energy Guiding Chain Cobra 38 K Bi 120

Chain length
10,4 m

Track length

17,2 m

Track speed

75 m/min


Port area / Sea air

Specific features
Vertical application