Modernization of Stacker/Reclaimer and Ship Loader

Richmond Engineering Works relies on Conductix-Wampfler Motor Driven Cable Reels

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Richmond Engineering Works completes Stacker/Reclaimer and Ship Loader modernization using Conductix-Wampfler Motor Driven Cable Reels.

Given the rising demand for coal exports, major coal export facilities in the Americas are finding it advantageous to modernize their bulk handling systems with newer control technologies. Most of the machines at work in these facilities were built decades ago. At that time, it was common to power bulk machines using two cables, one for power and one for controls. Each of these cables required a separate cable reel. But today, modern composite cables allow a single cable to have medium voltage power conductors, control conductors, and fiber optics. This single cable can be managed by a single reel.

A good example of bulk handling modernization was recently completed at the coal yard for a major coal exporting facility in Baltimore, MD. During an eight day outage in August 2012, Richmond Engineering Works (Pittsburgh, PA) replaced six old cable reels with three new ones. Two stacker/reclaimers received a reel each and a third went on a ship loader. The control systems were converted from radio control to fiber optics and Ethernet communication.

“Richmond engineers provided the electrical, mechanical and structural design scope for the project”, reports Daren Fetcko, Sales Manager with REW. “We purchased the cable reels from Conductix-Wampfler in Omaha, NE., since they have extensive experience in the bulk handling industry. Their engineers did a great job providing the right reels for the job.”

Mr. Fetcko further stated that: “Our REW engineers’ are also knowledgeable with other bulk material handling systems such as clamshell / grab bucket unloaders, continuous barge unloaders, and rotary car dumpers.”
Mark Zuroske, Market Development Manager for Conductix-Wampfler, added that: “Each reel used for the coal yard modernization incorporated a composite cable consisting of 5 kV power along with 12 optical fibers. The composite cable allowed the two reel systems to be replaced by a single reel. The ship unloader reel handles an 1100 foot cable. Each of the two reels for the stacker/reclaimers handles 700 feet of cable.”
“Conductix-Wampfler Americas is seeing a strong backlog of cable reel orders extending well into 2013 in the bulk handling market”, reports Mr. Zuroske. “We are seeing continued growth in orders for the mining sector as well.”