Conductix-Wampfler Forms Strategic Partnership with EVoCharge® to Produce and Distribute the EVoReel® Electric Vehicle Charging Product Lines

EVoReel® EV Charging Stations and EVoReel® cable management solution products

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Conductix-Wampfler and EVoCharge® have formed a strategic partnership to mass produce and globally distribute the EVoCharge series of EVoReel® EV Charging Stations and EVoReel® cable management solution products.

Omaha, NE   | Los Angeles, CA   | March 30, 2016

Founded in 2009, EVoCharge is one of North America’s original electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure providers.  The company is focused on developing and supplying innovative, industry-leading electric vehicle charging cable management solutions and electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) products.  Conductix-Wampfler, leading global supplier of energy and data transfer systems, began partnering with EVoCharge in 2013, focusing on the commercialization of EVoCharge’s EV charging infrastructure products.  Since then, the two companies have expanded their partnership to include sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of EVoCharge’s products in Conductix-Wampfler’s Harlan, Iowa, Omaha, Nebraska, and Ontario, California facilities.

“We are thrilled to leverage our substantial global footprint to support EVoCharge’s expansion and service to the EV market”, stated Gustavo Oberto, Conductix-Wampfler’s Managing Director of Global Sales & Markets. “The partnership is a great example of our flexibility, not only to support automotive production systems, but to also support downstream technologies for the growing EV market.”

Josh Kiewic, Co-Founder & CEO of EVoCharge, added that, “Forming strategic partnerships is a critical component toward supporting EVoCharge’s mission to develop and supply the most innovative electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions to our customers.  EVoCharge is fortunate to develop this key partnership with Conductix-Wampfler to support EVoCharge’s global and mass production and distribution needs and to provide the long-term support capability that our customers deserve.”

The EVoReel, by EVoCharge, is recommended by leading EV charging station supplier Bosch.  In addition, EVoCharge was recently approved by General Motors and Nissan to offer the EVoReel products through the General Motors GMDE Program and the Nissan TECH-MATE Program.

The EVoReel and EVoCharge EVSE product lines are engineered to support all global markets and market sectors including residential, commercial, public, and vehicle fleet EV charging infrastructure.

About Conductix-Wampfler

Conductix-Wampfler, with North American Headquarters in Omaha, NE, is the global leader in mobile electrification and cable management solutions. The company offers spring and motor driven cable reels, cable festoon, conductor bar and rail systems, slip rings, and inductive power transfer (IPT®) solutions.  In addition the company markets a wide array of crane controls, including push button pendants, radio remote controls, and bumpers.  For assembly areas, Conductix-Wampfler engineers compressed air and electric delivery systems, workstations, spring balancers, and air balancers.  The company’s field-proven products safely and reliably operate in the most demanding industrial applications.  Close consultation with customers provides the right solution every time.

About EVoCharge, Inc.

EVoCharge, Inc., a U.S. company based in Los Angeles, California, is comprised of electric vehicle and automotive industry enthusiasts who are committed to providing the best electric vehicle charging infrastructure products and services to their customers.  Founded, managed, and operated by a team of automotive industry engineers and executives, EVoCharge is a technology company focused on delivering innovative, industry-leading EVoReel electric vehicle charge cable management solutions and mass-market electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) products.  The EVoReel products are proudly made in the USA and the EVoReel and EVoCharge EVSE product lines are engineered to support all global markets and market sectors including residential, commercial, public, and vehicle Fleet EV charging infrastructure.

Please visit EVoCharge’s website at website