Introducing Nexus NB

New and ultra-reliable

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Nexus NB is a new and ultra-reliable way to send basic industrial communications through power conductors, even through sliding contacts such as conductor bar shoes or slip ring brushes. Using the inherent advantages of narrowband communications, Nexus NB takes the transmission of core control signals over power conductors to a new level.  Nexus NB offers:

  • Low latency
  • High-reliability, due to a high signal-to-noise ratio
  • No signal loss up to 500 meters
  • No communication errors, owing to its unique packet handshake communications

Nexus NB Powerline Communication System

Nexus NB uses technology that allows bidirectional, packetized data transmission over power conductors and employs a digital handshake to ensure that both devices acknowledge that the packets have been successfully sent and received.

You can deploy the Nexus NB system on any new conductor installation or an existing installation. The system eliminates the need for additional signal conductors. It can replace or augment radio controls thereby reducing the demand on crowded wireless channels.  Nexus NB employs a simple one-to-one mapping scheme to make installation fast and easy.


  • Reliable and robust communication using IEEE standard 1901.2 protocol for data transmission
  • Bi-directional communication that sends packetized data transmission up to 500 meters over conductor bar. (Need a longer length? Contact the factory.)
  • Operates on equipment moving at speeds up to 5 meters/second
  • Maximum response time is less than 92ms
  • The units are designed to comply with IEC 61508 at SIL2
  • Includes four force-guided safety relays

Nexus NB is the ideal device to handle control signals to and from a variety of devices:

  • Limit Switches
  • Push Buttons
  • Alarms
  • Lights
  • Actuators
  • Motor Controls
  • Signals to Enable/Disable VFDs
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Valve Controls
  • Radio Signals

For more information on Nexus NB, contact our Inside Sales team at 1-800-521-4888, or email to