Slip Ring Assemblies

Conductix-Wampfler industrial slip rings provide the solution to the problem of passing electric power and signals from stationary to rotating machine members.

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We build customized designs for the application, and quicker than anyone else in the market and at competitive prices.
We feature:
  • Knowledgable Application Specialists dedicated to help you with your unique slip ring problems
  • Design engineers with hands-on experience using the latest in solid modeling software and R&D equipment to explore and test new designs and concepts
  •  Assembly work cells dedicated to each major product lines to speed assembly
  • A full-function machine shop with the latest in CNC equipment and in-house metals cutting, welding, and finishing systems
Our flagship line - R-Series - set the standard for quality in industrial slip ring design. They are rugged, built for long life, and easy to maintain. With an assortment of ring sizes, insulators, and bore sizes, we can assemble a ring that is ideally suited for the application. Changing brushes is easy. Each brush can be rotated out of the holder without special tools. Individual brush holders can be removed independently.
Each assembly includes a fully articulating brush system that will track the ring without fail. Rings are sized based on bore size, combined with appropriate ring sizes to meet the electrical need. We sell rings "non-enclosed" and "enclosed". We also sell them for hazardous locations and can integrate fiber optic swivels and/or pneumatic or fluidic rotary joints to the basic electrical slip ring.

Non-Enclosed Slip Ring Assemblies

Versatile, modular R-Series Slip Rings provide you with a "customized" unit at the price and lead time of an off-the-shelf slip ring! Standard sizes with infinite possibilities for all collector ring applications! Need something special? Give us a call with your application!

  • Standard Bore sizes: 1.5" thru 10"; custom bore sizes available
  • Standard Ampacity selections: signal level, 15 amps, 35 amps, 75 amps, 110 amps, 150 amps, 225 amps, 300 amps, 400 amps, and 600 amps.
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Enclosed Slip Ring Assemblies

Conductix-Wampfler offers several standard slip ring enclosures, all of which can be modified to suit your collector ring application!

  • Wraparound Cover: NEMA 1 protection - brushed stainless steel
  • Revolving Unit: NEMA 4 water and dust protection - painted steel
  • Swivel Unit: NEMA 4 protection in an "inverted Revolving Unit"
  • Stainless Steel Enclosures: NEMA 4X corrosion protection
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Hazardous Duty Slip Ring Assemblies

Conductix-Wampfler offers several standard hazardous duty enclosures built to conform to UL and NEC standards: Class I Divison I Groups C & D (Zones 1 and 2), and Class II Groups E, F, & G standards, and Class III. Versions are offered to fit most common slip rings.

  • Revolving Unit:  Available in common configurations as well as customized versions
  • Swivel Unit: Single and double housing versions

We can build custom explosion-proof slip ring unit and enclosures with pass-throughs for air or fluids!

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High Voltage Slip Ring Assemblies

Need higher than 600 volt capacity? We build:

  • Solid-core High Voltage units for 5 to 8 KV duty
  • Air-gapped High Voltage units for 15 KV and 25 KV duty

These can be combined with multiple circuit types and mounted in enclosures.

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High Amperage Slip Ring Assemblies

Do you need more ampacity than 600 amps? Conductix-Wampfler can supply it! We have built them to handle 1000, 2000, 3000 amps and more. Used for high-powered motors, heated rollers, plating lines, welding, and grounding purposes.

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Pancake Slip Ring Assemblies

For restricted height situations, a "pancake-style" ( or flat-platter style) slip ring is the right solution. We custom-build this type of ring to have anywhere from 4 to 50 conductors with various center bores.

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Custom Slip Ring Assemblies

If you need a customized slip ring, look no further than Conductix-Wampfler. We have 60 years experience designing and manufacturing custom slip ring assemblies and enclosures. Using the latest in solid modeling software and CAD/CAM systems, we can go from concept to finished product, and quicker than you thought possible. We have the experience and know-how to fill your slip rings needs!

Contact us with your application.

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