Pancake Slip Ring Assemblies

When you have a height restriction, a "pancake" ring - also called a "flat" or "platter" ring - could be the best solution. We  build custom versions of this type of ring with anywhere from 4 to 50 conductors to include the required center bore size.

To request a slip ring quotation from Conductix-Wampfler, you can:

Pancake rings can be configured in two ways:

Component Pancake Ring:  In this arrangement, the brush holders are mounted separately onto the host machine and positioned correctly above the separate ring platter.

Self-Contained Pancake Ring: As an alternate to the component-style set up, the brush holders and brushes can be pre-mounted onto a brush carriage that is integrated with the platter.

With either approach, Conductix-Wampfler has the experience to build what you require.

Contact Conductix-Wampfler for details; ask for "Sales".