Transit Conductor Rail

For over six decades, Conductix-Wampfler has built a well-earned reputation as world-class designer and builder of Transit Conductor Rail Systems and other energy and data transmission products.  We are your partner of choice when you need a robust power rail system for your automated people mover (APM), monorail, scenic ride, or light rail transit (LRT) systems.  We can handle 3-phase AC as well as 3rd and 4th rail DC requirements.  If your application requires a custom rail profile, we can design and manufacture it.  Be sure to review our PRIAS power rail analysis service ideal for identifying problems that might compromise your electric power rails.  Need a Stinger System for your maintenance facility?  We provide several different configurations.

Our goal is to create cost effective and energy efficient products, and to provide dedicated engineering expertise and Technical Services that meet or exceed your expectations.  We consistently strive to meet your project needs under a variety of operating conditions.
We set the standard for long-term reliability and system performance. Every component is tested to the exacting requirements of the application. We have an in-house, fully staffed R&D/testing facility and extensive field experience.
Conductix-Wampfler has the engineering know-how and practical experience to be a partner in your success.

You can choose from a wide variety of proven aluminum stainless conductor rail profiles.
We offer engineering expertise, technical support, custom design and manufacturing, and competitive system pricing.  if your application requires a custom rail profile, we can design and manufacture it.
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Transit Conductor Rail Profiles

Our standard array of conductor rail profiles work well for many power rail operating envelopes. But if you need a special rail profile, we can design and manufacture it.  Our aluminum power rail provides low resistance and high conductivity unmatched by all-steel rails.  Our integrated stainless steel cap, either crimped-on or welded-on, provides wear characteristics superior to all-steel rails.

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Welded Cap Aluminum-Stainless Conductor Rail

Our patented Welded Cap Rail gives you the conductivity and light weight of aluminum plus the wearability of stainless steel.  Handle more current and incur less voltage drop with this "green", energy-saving alternative to outmoded, corrosion-prone steel power rails.  Our tough stainless steel cap provides a long-wearing and consistent running surface.  This rail is superior to any other type of capped aluminum rails on the market.

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Transit Rail Technical Services

Our Technical Services Group has extensive experience with all aspects of electrification systems for transit applications, including product engineering and design, proof of concept testing, system design, and system installation. We have the services you need to ensure a successful project, every time.

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Power Rail Intelligent Analysis System (PRIAS)

The PRIAS (Power Rail Intelligent Analysis System) is a diagnostic tool offered exclusively by Conductix-Wampfler that can improve transit conductor rail system performance.  The diagnostic system is temporarily attached to the vehicle and as it moves down the railway, PRIAS records collector impacts and current draw.  It identifies, to within one meter resolution, guideway locations where excessive impacts and/or current draw might reduce collector shoe life or damage the rail.  PRIAS displays the problem areas on color-coded maps so that system refinements and corrections can be made.

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Stinger Systems

Conductix-Wampfler offers customized solutions to provide power to vehicles parked in maintenance facilities.  Economical "Stinger Systems" are available in many different designs. Solutions range from insulated conductor bar with vehicle connector drop leads to inexpensive festoon arrangements.
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