RadioSafe Radio Remote Control Series

Global Safety Stop System for Radio Remote Controls

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The Global Safety Stop System for Radio Remote Controls focuses on SIL 3 – PLe wireless emergency stop to tackle critical dangers typically met in highly automatized factories / warehouses, robotized production cells, continuous process lines.

Global safety:

  • Much more than individual machine safety
  • SIL 3 - PLe TÜV Süd certified solution
  • Independence from any navigation solution
  • Operators absolute safety within fleets of AGVs

Product data


  • Opto-coupled 100 mA static output: 6 function outputs
  • Safety relays: 2 safety relays with 3 NO guided contacts

The front plate is removable for configuration.

Radio Characteristics:
Characteristics compliant with ETS 300 220

64 frequencies programmable in 433-434 MHz

1/4 wave, as accessory, plugs in to BNC connector

< -100 dBm


Operator Portable Emergency Stop for Radio Remote Controls

Access of technicians to the core of industrial machineries might be required for maintenance or repair operations or to setup and adjust a process with best efficiency. RadioSafe portable emergency stop for radio remote controls takes up the challenge of protecting them.

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Jump Repeater for Radio Remote Controls

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The Jump repeater for radio remote controls is designed for use with the radio control solutions of UD and RadioSafe series. The repeater relays a known radio message, thus significantly increasing radio coverage.

The Jump radio signal repeater provides a solution for applications in difficult environments (obstacles, troughs, humps) where a direct link is not possible, and in situations where radio performance must be extended to cover a greater distance or greater area.

Product data

Fully compliant with European directives:

Machinery directive 2006/42/EC:

  • SIL 3 per EN 61508
  • Performance level PL e per EN ISO 13849-1 and -2
  • EC type certificate issued by TÜV NORD

Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment:
(low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility, radio spectrum)
R&TTE 99/5/CE
ARCEP certificate

Radio frequency band:
64 frequencies on 433-434 MHz band

Emission power level:
4 programmable radio transmit power levels: > 1 mW, 1 mW, 6.6 mW & 10 mW (license free)